by Dream Bitches

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Sanfransisters is Dream Bitches' debut album, released in 2005 on Olive Juice Music.

"The rapid-fire vocals are sweet and funny. If the Dream Bitches are angry, they save it for later. Everything here is delivered with a smile. How angry can you be while singing about shopping at the 99-cent store? In a decade where Nickelback and other yawn-inducing noise polluters clog the radio with angsty nonsense, this is a giant blast of fresh air."


released February 16, 2005

Recorded by Major Matt Mason at Olive Juice Studios. Produced by Major Matt Mason and Dream Bitches. All songs written by Yoko Oji Kikuchi except for tracks 3 and 9, written by Yoko with Ann Zakaluk.

Yoko OK - guitar & vocals on all tracks, bass on 1, casio on 3.
Annabelle Zakaluk - vocals on all tracks, guitar on 4
Casey Holford - guitar on 1, 7, 8, 9, keyboard on 6
Josh Malamy - bass on 2, 4, 7, 8, 9
Nan Turner - drums on 1, 2, 4, 7, 9
Jordan Cooper - accordion on 10



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Yoko O.K. Oakland, California

Yoko O.K. - also known as Yoko Oji Kikuchi or just Yoko Kikuchi / from NYC, lives in Oakland, CA / plays guitar in BITTER FRUIT / formerly of Dream Bitches & Tight Little Ship

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Track Name: ASAP my LOVE

She's thin and cheap like a spiral book. You're the one I'm gonna stick to, look! He's the gold that I am after. I'm the modern-day carpetbagger. Staring from a window seat, on the china bus (February 13th). Avoiding chit-chat with the other cheap romantic distanced lovers.

Coming into Boston, sitting on the right- see all the familiar sights? All ten places I know to have mafia pizza on Comm Ave. Got a pineapple pie with no cheese and climbed the church on Cabot Street. The three of us at 2 AM, when we were so heartbroken.

I'll sing myself into the ground and cringe when I play back the tape. I remind myself of city snow - it's hard to stick when you're a flake! The straining voices of my old aging rock and roll idols, blasting in car stereo out on the Pacific Coast.

1. Palm trees in the wind
2. Hazy pinkish skies
3. Old decrepit signs
4. Neon fucking lights
(Tell me that I shine)

I will get a sunburned face, through plastic windows, scratched and lined. The highway sunlight shows a trace of kisses from my valentine.

"ASAP, my LOVE! Let's run away to Calgary. Let happenstance save the day
I wouldn't have it any other way!"

These shapes sort of look like words, but they fall short of what I mean. This distance stuck between us hurts, but it sure beats proximity.
Track Name: Dream Bitch
Dream Bitch

A behavioral relapse makes me worse than the very worst. My hair's in my face, my lips are slightly pursed. I should stop asking people if they like me and us because hardly anybody does. I should stop telling you, 'you might be the messiah'. Because you think you are too, and you aren't a liar.

The mark of the beast, I think it fits. An itchy rash like a 36. It happened the day I struck it rich. I turned into your main dream bitch. And that doesn't mean that I am mean. I was just a bitch inside your dream. Telling you terrible true things on your answering machine.

We are both wearing nothing but I am much colder than you. You have all the blankets but it's me who's wrapped up in the truth. It's much more than just a sidewalk square jammed between us on a walk. We don't even try to talk. I make sure you're not far off, from the corner of my eye. And you make sure to demand what I have written on my hand.

You're wearing a costume and a mask. And answering questions I never asked. You speak your way into boldness. Don't you see it's all that's left? This is all that's left.